Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Prototypic Baby Boomer Toots Her Own Horn

I'm reclaiming my authority on this topic.  (Yes, you are allowed to have Cartman echoing in your head, "Respect my authority!")  The last half of the baby boom needs me.   Well they wanted to call us the "me generation" so I might as well act like I have a super huge ego. 

Seriously,  I ranted and raved about how the baby boom was not one group, how it was at least two distinct cohorts, how the government seemed to decide on a course of action for our lives rather early on when the boom was arbitrarily cut off at the 1964 year rather than waiting for the demographic trend to taper off to pre-1946 levels (which it did by 1968.)  I ragged on this topic from 1998 until 2002-2003 when my personal life got complicated and I joined with other women across the country and around the globe to try to provide some karmic balance balance to the lies that were being pumped into the U.S. bloodstream via fear, the media, and silence.  I pumped the word Late Boomer into the media however I could using what would now be called a social media strategy.  The term was picked up and is in fairly common use.  That was all I wanted.  Similarly I feel my energies given to peace work since 2003, and to my family have also been successful.  But the mis-identification and targeting of Late Boomers is still problematic. Time for "super Late Boomette to the rescue!"

But now it is time for me to take up the reigns again and remind my cohort that we are powerful and have much to do to counteract the negativity and misdirection that transpired in the first part of this  last decade.   

So much of what I do as an individual is partially influenced by my generational identity.  I am the prototypical baby boomer.  I was born in 1957, the height of the baby boom, I'm female, and females outnumber males at all , and as a cultural anthropologist  interested in semiotics and marketing, the perspective and knowledge base I bring to all things Late Boomer is difficult to match. 

Demographics can be a fun topic when illustrated with iconic persons and events, and general cultural commentary are all things I blog about.  I will try to separate entries with meaningful tags and category labels. 

If you have questions, do ask!  I may have the same ones and write about them.  I also speak on the topic and do business consulting.  Feel free to contact me. 

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