Friday, May 20, 2011

Planet Preservers

Different times require different thoughts and actions.   Friends, as I am sure you know, we are headed into very different times. Many say we are headed toward very difficult times as we face: global warming.  fundamentalist frictions,  a world wide health crisis,  over exploitation of dwindling resources, economic clashes between the very few rich and the massive numbers of the poor.

Gregory Bateson, a visionary thinker of the 20th Century, defined information as "any difference that makes a difference." 

We are awash in difference.   How we handle the information embedded in those differences will determine whether these coming constraints limit or enable.

We are at a point of punctuation in the process understood as evolution.   All this means is that we are at a time of rapid change and can expect rapid expression of emergent properties activated by novel contextual triggers.   The concept is understood as punctuated equilibrium.

"The gist of the theory was that "significant evolutionary change arises in coincidence with events of branching speciation, and not primarily through the transformation of lineages."

We're at a beginning point of of major world changes, climatic, and ecosphere destabilization from deforestation, toxic poisoning that will result in changes significant enough to probably create speciation and branching.  Or that is what we have to hope for.  The alternative is extinction.  

Late Boomers  grew up with civil unrest, toxic spills, war, and our older brothers and sisters giving up the fight when we most needed them; when the the republican corporatists started to take over.  They almost succeeded, but there is still time to stop corporations from killing the rest of the world.  We can't stop change, but we can ameliorate the damage to some degree.   I am beginning to think we are the only ones who can.  We've been prepped for this role all our lives.  

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