Sunday, May 15, 2011

Late Boomers Regrouping

Hiyo fellow LBers!   I'm back with Late Boomers!  Whoop it up.  We're on the offensive again! 

I got more and more distracted over the last decade with war, idiocy, and capitalist plots to bring down America. My distraction began with the plane attacks on the WTC and Pentagon in September and continued until two weeks ago when President Obama announced the results of the attack on the bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.   You can read about my realizations and decisions over the last couple of weeks on my Build Peace blog here and here

I'm rather p.o.ed at myself as, while I did not succumb to the fear factor games the Bush/Cheney crew imposed on the American people, I did become distracted, from the Late Boomer research that hit on so many of the trends that erupted like angry sores by the end of the Bush years, and that is almost as bad. 

But as things often do, a collection of unlinked but synchronous events motivated me to revive this site, blog, net presence.  Death of bin Laden was actually event two, event one was the Republican  call for Late Boomers to be shut out of the Social Security and Medicare system.  I don't know about you but I'm not one to obey when someone says bend over.  And I'm certainly not going to say, "how far?"  Event three was my search of the term Late Boomer on the internet.  32,000 results.  That seems to be enough to say that my initial purpose in creating a late boomer site in 2000 and elist & newsletter even earlier in the late 1990s has been successful in breaking open the carefully packaged misconception that Boomers are hippies and that "our" time is over.  People seem to know that we are a distinct cohort now. 

So it is time for phase two.  Retribution.  Heheheheh.   I'm joking, okay?  Geesh.  Phase two actually came into being with the election of Late Boomer Barack Obama.   Starting to see my drift?  It is time for us to use our considerable numbers to stop the hijacking of America by capitalist plots.  Not communist plots as was the buzz phrase when we were born, but capitalist (read corporatist) plots intended to keep us from exerting our power to continue building the American Dream of democracy and freedom and wrest control from the corporations that have screwed us at every bend in the road since we have been born. 

Are you ready?  All right!   Let's roll!!!

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