Saturday, May 29, 2004

I think I fell into another dimension. I'm on a free wireless connection at Pennyrich International Cafe and Book Oasis Raton, NM. The town of Raton, NM on a free wireless connection is going to be one of the first communities to have a total presence in the virtual world. Don't worry the physical town will still exist. But the town will be completely wired... although it will be wireless. This is the future of the virtual world. Rich and Penny run this place where if you stumble in off I25 and they happen to be open they'll Penny will brew you up a cuppa for 54 cents. You can buy a book or card too... and... Rich runs what might look like a rinky dink computer repair shop... but as one of the folks involved with the creation of the predecessor of the internet (UU net for you folks who aren't in the know) he does a lot more than fix computers. There is a nifty "computer museum" on the premises. And for you techies... the connection here rocks.

Via I got the following info.

2004-05-29 16:37:17 EST: 3774 / 2998
Your download speed : 3864656 bps, or 3774 kbps.
A 471.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 3070320 bps, or 2998 kbps.
test IP was to via

The background ambiance here is distinctly Christian so bag your profanity and have some respect if you do not share this belief. I have had a delightful time listening in on creation versus evolution arguments.

If you try to find this place it is in the same block as the Raton Theater but across the street.

I may post something about how small communities will lead the way in the next punctuated event that disturbs the evident equilibrium in how we've come to know the virtual world. That will be a significant change as until the "heartland" accepts something... it hasn't been truly integrated into the culture.

Rich is working on (his goal is) hooking up small town America under 25,000 -- just like Raton soon will be hooked up -- and the day will get here sooner than anyone thinks it will I suspect.

I should get back on the road... but this is such a trip! I love discovering the variations in the small town.

I may not post for a couple days... don't know when I will find more free internet access.

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