Sunday, May 30, 2004

“Dodge City… Mr Dillon Mr Dillon… there’s been a…Oh how thrillin’!” Sorry taking just a bit of license with a Late Boomer memory. Or, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Colorado anymore…”That’s right… Kansas. I’m at at the Dodge House Hotel and Conference Center enjoying brunch and free wi fi connectivity. It is certainly a smart business move. I’m visiting towns and places I never would have stopped in without the incentive of free wireless internet access. Actually…the restaurant here doesn’t really have wireless access but the hotel does. Smart small towns will set themselves up for cutting edge technology asap and reap the rewards.

Speed test results from the lobby of Dodge House:

2004-05-30 14:05:11 EST: 470 / 209
Your download speed : 482033 bps, or 470 kbps.
A 58.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 214520 bps, or 209 kbps.

Might as well stay well behind the storm and stop and try to note the wonder of yesterday’s drive.

Santa Fe was a very nice but very quick stop. I suppose I’ve been jaded by the wealth of western treasures available in my hometown… fantastic scenery, artists and writers everywhere, dramatic vistas, skies that can take your breath away, and the intensity of light and vivid color. The O’Keeffe Museum changes exhibits on June 1 so I may well stop again on the way back. I had considered checking out a Labyrinth in Pueblo, CO, but no way was I going to drive into storms so I cut across CO 10 through what I can only describe as gorgeously desolate country. Then I fell down hill into Kansas.

Started the day with Pearl Jam singing about thought police to get the karma consumer mentality of Santa Fe out of my head… and northern New Mexico is a land of Rock and the scenes do Roll… so it seemed fine. Then I found that little virtual heaven in what may well be the “the most remote town” in America after listening to Peter Gabriel’s Passion… the soundtrack to “The Last Temptation of Christ.” It is my very favorite driving CD. But when I began to get tired I popped in some B52s. Today, as I drive into the Bible Belt I just had to hear Annie singing about her “Missionary Man.” And of course I have been listening to the Beatles tell me that “We’re on our way home.” I’m having fun and learning too. World culture is coming, like it or not. For me it is good to hear tables of blue haired ladies talking about satellite service and cloning… even if they do say, “Oh it is over my head.” Speaking of blue hair… I can’t wait until I’m gray enough to have electric blue highlights in my white hair. Our Gen is going to give the phrase Blue Haired Old Lady a whole new meaning.

Haven’t really had time to catch the news but I hear significant Watergate Characters (from the good side) have died. Kids from this century will soon think of Watergate the way we thought about The Teapot Dome Scandal. The more times I cycle through the same things from the differing perspectives that accompany different stages of life the more I understand the importance of generational knowledge.

Time to get going again.

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