Monday, August 15, 2011

Booming BlogHer Batman!

Hey Folks,

I was at #BlogHer11 in Sandiego (yes, this is a hashtag to use on Twitter) from August 4 thru 6 then took a week off to figure out a stay sane plan for the coming semester.  No, I have not gone back to school.  My husband is taking a sabbatical this semester and will be around the old homestead the rest of this year when he isn't on short investigatory trips related to his research area.  And (shudder)  love my daughter though I do, I do not know how I am going to survive her moving back in with us for last last semester of college with her healthy ego that sees no problem asking that her needs be met and her 100 plus pounds of Dogue de Bordeaux buddy. 

Before I get too far off course, which I am wont to do, let me clue you in to a great source of information. 

BlogHer11 Virtual Conference is accessible via this link.  Not all the Birds of a Feather - BOAF - sessions were live blogged.  BUT I was at the Boomer BOAF session at the conference and it was great.  I attended a Booming session at BlogHer 2008 hosted by Virginia DeBolt but this one topped even that one.  It was hosted by Judi Boomer

She had a hard time getting us to settle down and "begin" the session of introductions to who we were and what we were doing.  We were so happy to see other kindred spirits! (Sigh, I cannot use that phrase, kindred spirits, without thinking of my Mom and her absolute devotion to the notion that life was simpler and actually pastoral at the beginning of the last century.  At times I admit to suspending my own disbelief and reveling in the just and bucolic world of Anne and Marilla.) At a conference where one could easily be bowled over by Mommy Bloggers, who probably never heard of Anne of Green Gables or The Girl of the Limberlost,  it was refreshing to meet people close to my age and the sentiment seemed reciprocal as business cards were ricocheting around the room almost as fast as the banter. 

I will be checking out all the blogs of participants in the session (Judi graciously compiled and distributed the contact information for attendees) and creating a link list for BlogHer Boomers (who buy the way are NOT all women!)  that are appropriate for this blog to link to.  Stay tuned.   I will be following up on this with much more information created by neuronal firings when something said at BlogHer makes a difference to a topic I am moved to write about.  BlogHer helps my neurons fire. 

ASIDE:  Gregory Bateson said "information is any difference that makes a difference."  And did you know there is a documentary about this amazing philosopher and seminal (isn't there a word like ovonal or something) thought connecter.



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